Bard Ionson
Date Posted: August 5o, y
Bard Ionson
Eleonora Brizi
Peter Sparacino

"Anybody has the potential to be creative and make something artistic. I think it gives a lot of diversity to the world because everybody is going to create a little bit differently, especially the outsider artists or the untrained artists who can create something totally unique and kind of inspire the world to think differently about things."

"Using models and AI... it's kind of like painting with a big roller brush. You throw a bunch of data in and see what you get out the other end and if it's not quite right you change the parameters of the code or throw more data. It's not detailed work, it's a lot of curation. It's a little bit different than most art."

"On the side of pixels, you can put data. Sometimes I put images inside images. There are some hidden messages in some of my artworks."

"In the AI art scenario, where I take a lot of meaningless images and I run them through a model and create something more beautiful. How I take old technology or I recycle technology to make artworks out of it. I take old things and rework them, to make something artistic or that has a message. It's like taking all the lemons of your life and making lemonade. The idea of taking all the experiences of your life, good or bad, and making something that can inspire other people or communicate some universal ideas."

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