Ben Snell
Date Posted: August 5th, y
Ben Snell
Eleonora Brizi
Peter Sparacino

the physical manifestation of computation

"Art and Tech is nothing new."

"What does that mean to be born from code? I do hope that my work is accessible and when it's not I think I fail as an artist."

"Sometimes people get caught up in the tools, in the technology and they forget that art is from humans. Art is still an intimate story that is told by humans."

"Let's consider installations. What happens when you try to sell a token, a symbol of an experience, or an idea? Maybe there is a way to disentangle the idea from the symbol within art and allow the symbol, which is sold as an NFT, to keep the idea sacred and safe. This is potentially one idea for me to be emotionally sustainable."

"Most people think about how to anthropomorphize technology. I think from the other angle: to what extent are we computational beings? "

"All objects and all people have inherent worth. The gold dust is what's left when we step away and that's what an object carries when we are gone. The capacity to accumulate aura."

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