Giant Swan
Date Posted: August 6o, y
Giant Swan
Eleonora Brizi

"VR is everything. It's the tools... the part I connect with my audience the best. I use every part of the technology as much as I can to create organic input with my body, [like] wearing a headset, being in an empty room, and filling it with movement.

... I have a headset, I put it on, and I am in an empty room. From that point on all of my movements can be recorded to make shapes and colors. I use music especially to create a sort of baseline for me to tap into and it kinda regulates my movements within the space over an extended period of time.

... Everybody has some sort of relationship with music. Some music we listen to makes us happy and some makes us sad and that reflects in your body language as well. I see that come through in the works that I create.

... My visual language is complicated and messy. It’s everywhere and refined at the same time. It is abstract but also very intimate and relatable.

... At this particular moment in time I am lucky to have an audience to give me feedback. Lots of people just connect with me and share what they see in my work and what relates with them. I have been lucky to have people in the flesh trying my VR work. All these opportunities to connect with people have helped me create art that is about people.

... Gold Dust for me is, really, movement. I cherish movement emotionally. In my work, nothing has stopped moving around me for a while now. At first, I thought I was in the middle of the storm and things kept moving around me but I’ve realized maybe it’s me. And I cherish movement for that."

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