Date Posted: August 5o, y
Eleonora Brizi
Peter Sparacino

a juggernaut in the world of cryptoart, Hackatao creates art of equal parts rebellion and elegance

“When they moved from Milan to the mountains, even the colors became brighter and the ink traits more defined”.

“They got to a point where it wouldn't be possible to create without each other. Nadia creates a “cage”, for instance a figure, where Sergio would be drawing, without going further and getting lost in the limitless creation”.

“In 2018 Hackatao tokenized their first GIF when SuperRare launched, a big “fuck you” to the art world and old systems”.

“They keep experimenting and evolving, always using new tools. Digital art was always there for them. But somehow before crypto art, digital art wasn’t making much sense. So the digital seed has always been there”.

“Hackato feel very special about collaboration. For instance, for each art piece the music is always customized, they have it made by music composers. They are very grateful for the possibility that only crypto art gives, where more disciplines can coexist together”.

“We have a jar we keep of all the remains of the art materials we have used to create Hackatao's pieces. Pencil nubs, graphite, all are saved in a big jar. To us, this is our gold dust, the remnants and physical manifestation of the intangible experience of creation”.

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