Le Lapin Mignon
Date Posted: July 31o, y
Le Lapin Mignon
Eleonora Brizi
Peter Sparacino

Lapin Mignon givers life to her world of Mignons through a mastery of watercolor and digital tools

"I have a rabbit, because it’s easier to cross the border instead of having a dog or a cat. I feel like a little girl having my rabbit…. From here the name “Lapin Mignon”.

"I started using a little software and this really changed the way of working with my watercolor. Like an Augmented Reality watercolor. Now I often work with the picture of my watercolor palette reversed, so I know which colors I work with and that the red will become green and so on. A full new dimension opened for me: watercolor reversed."

"Gold Dust reminds me of when I was a kid, spending all the time at the beach. The sparkle of the sun on the water, that you try to but you can never catch. When you are a kid you put value on these things and believe it’s gold. Like the Madeleine of Proust.”

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