We Are The Vibists (Vibism)

We Are The Vibists (Vibism)


Artists unite through digital connections on social audio apps; the "Vibists" are drawn to themes exploring the essence of human existence, identity, and connection in their digital art. As these artists convene online, often in real-time from opposite sides of the world, the expansion of consciousness and the questioning of physical limitations become focal points of their artistic exploration. Utilizing blockchain technology to share their art, the so-called "1/1 artists" or Vibists embody forward-thinking individuals delving into timely and relevant themes. Artists now share ideas more freely than ever on social media apps and social audio spaces, forming connections with like-minded thinkers. The novelty of this connectivity can feel both intangible and surreal, resembling a playground of ideas. Within this new online realm, Vibists establish their own rules, stripping away the typical superficial baggage of the real world (IRL) and expressing themselves authentically to create identities that reflect their true essence. While the WAGMI culture has taken on a nostalgic tone, with the passing of the first financial boom, decentralization remains a driving narrative. The promise of equal opportunity for artists to be seen without gatekeepers, capturing the majority of their financial share for hard work, persists. In the recent past, Vibists have been crafting art in online communities without a guaranteed financial gain, emphasizing that the art itself is the primary focus. Many express that they stay "for the vibes." The Vibists seek connection, yearning to be seen for who they truly are, acknowledging that not all limitations are as they appear. In this evolving online landscape, vibists engage in conversations about information sharing, networking, and mutual learning as technology continues to evolve. Collaboration and group shows are commonplace, and without these connections, the vibist identity would cease to exist. The paradox lies in the Vibists' exploration of the unseen and the idea that there is more than meets the eye, translating these concepts into visual art. Largely influenced by the 1980s and 1990s, the Vibists are products of color television, video games, and the emergence of the first computers and cellphones. Viewing content on early technology screens was a constant theme during their formative years. Many openly identify with mental illnesses such as ADHD, viewing it as a benefit to their art. Additionally, they are frequently influenced by psychedelics and/or metaphysical ideas. As the ability to communicate has accelerated, the Vibists ponder the implications of this creative openness and accessibility through their art, attempting to answer the question of what it truly means. They strive for authenticity and meaningful connections. Despite the widespread acknowledgment of the Vibists' activities, particularly in the art world, traditional institutions often repel the idea of the Vibist. The reasons behind this resistance remain uncertain—is it the newness of the movement, or does it challenge established norms? One thing is certain: the Vibists persist, continuing to create art with increasing autonomy and collaboration. The rest of the world simply needs to catch up.

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