4everKuriousUnique Edition2023
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There was a fearless adventurer named 4everKurious who stumbled upon a mysterious portal in the middle of the city. Without hesitation, 4everKurious stepped through the portal and found himself transported to a strange and wondrous steampunk world, filled with intricate machinery, gears, and clockwork contraptions. As 4everKurious explored the metaverse, he discovered a series of portals that led to different AI metaverses. Excited by the prospect of exploring these new worlds, 4everKurious eagerly stepped through each portal, not knowing what wonders he would discover. Bounce is a piece that combines the metaverse concepts with AI, creating imaginary worlds and opportunity for creative collaboration and storytelling. Bounce uses Midjourney v4 and v5, Kaiber, Topaz Giga, VideoLeap, Glitche, and ChatGPT (maybe more).

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