Ritual Nature (Mount Mitchell)

bensnellUnique Edition2021
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Venturing into nature, I find my own nature. In the stillness of these sculptural portraits, there exists a part of me and a part of the forests, inextricably intertwined as Observer and Observed. The act of image-making is a personal, performative act: a ritual giving and taking of light. In this negotiation, I dance round a shrouded sun, evading the LIDAR’s sweeping gaze. How does it see the world? And where’s my place within it? From the Catskills to the Blue Ridge, I engage in a conversation with this piece of technology, out of the context in which we normally belong. We are Outsiders, imperfect seers, seeking refuge in softly textured dens under the canopy, blanketed in gems of lights, home in the solitude.

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