Love and Levity

Brooke GansterUnique Edition2022
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"I love you and that's the beginning and end of everything." - F.Scott Fitzgerald Never in her wildest dreams did this Sacred Clown believe that she would have met another Soul to have brought such intense feelings into her being. "Is this Black Magic a trick or was there just something wrong with her?", she tirelessly pondered. He was so funny, kind to others and every time she locked eyes with him she was flooded with feelings that she never felt before. As scary as each encounter with him became, this lively clown just wanted to be drown in the deliciousness of sensation that was activated by being near him. Could it be possible that love has even made its way to this unbridled healer and that she too could have a Twin Soul who could walk alongside her on her journey to Illumination? This Expression was made with Mixed Media, Original Music and Love AI Wizardry used: Wombo Dream, PicsArt, Facetune, Plotaverse, Videoleap, Capcut and Launchpad

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