Chazz Gold

 I’m Chazz Gold , Photographer , DJ , addiction counselor, 71/2 yrs in recovery , AI/ Gan artist, NFT creator and collector. I have been featured twice at NFT.NYC As well as NFT.LA with my Shapes of the Divine collection. The first time with searchlight. Art and this last time with Sabat and spatial XR’s stratosphere show. As well being involved with a handful of metaverse projects where I have shown work. Including galleries cryptovoxel and decentralize land. Some of my projects as well some of the projects I am involved with in metaverse galleries are used to make charitable donations to causes and organization that empower women something I am very proud of. Lately I have been taking a step back from photography for a little while while I'm exploring using AI assisted imagery tools do what's called Photo bashing where I take old portraits work of mine and create new piece of art out of them

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