By compiling concepts from multiple philosophies, DOT’s Art seeks to explore an idea that has developed from different roots. Through the use of repeating geometric patterns enhanced by different color theories. A hallucinatory visual field is created. Thus forcing the viewer's perspective to be pushed into a moment of visual confusion. According to theories in Neuroplasticity these perspective shifts are catalysts that have the potential to rewire neural pathways and to ultimately affect thinking and behavior. Being self-taught DOT leans into his instincts to develop his artistic explorations. In his most recent bodies of work a surgical repetition of shifting color fields reflect his curiosities in the space of visual perception. These lines tend to create a static movement, leading viewers into new sensorial experience. Through manipulating visual spaces, DOT intends to create experiences that push the boundaries of perception. “For me these linear expressions tend to end at the same question. Where is the point between what we see and reality?”

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