Niz is a Peruvian born female stencil artist based out of Austin, Texas. She is known for her mutli-layered photo-realistic stencil work and skateboard art. Niz’s work draws from elements of graffiti, hip hop culture, existentialism and spirituality. She finds her expression through old world Latin culture, African-American music, the female aesthetic, skateboarding and urban grit. The photorealism of Niz’s stencils is offset by an edginess that mirrors the urban landscapes she is familiar with. This is juxtaposed byorganic color schemes that mimic the beauty in nature. Her work has been published in several books: Painted Walls, La Habana, Vol 2 (Havana, Cuba), Stencilists (Brusells, Belgium), Stencil Nation (San Francisco), Heart and Soul (New York), 400ml. Do It Yourself (France), Austin: East of I35 (Austin, TX) and HOPE Outdoor Gallery (Austin, TX). Her work has also been featured on The Carson Daily Show, The Austin American Statesman, The Huffington Post, The Austin Chronicle and Concrete Wave Magazine to name a few. Notable clients include XX, REI, Slalom Consulting Co., Sendero Investment Group, 3-D Robotics, Elizabet Ney Museum, Mexic-Arte Museum, The Royal Bank of Canada, Mike Judge, Red Bull and Martha Cooper. Niz lives and works in Austin, TX where her work is recognized on many of the local landmark businesses throughout the city.

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