Elliot.Wavs is the latest project from Producer/Songwriter Elliot Liebman, the driving force behind the band Many Voices. His emotionally rich, hook-driven writing style draws on lessons learned from his experience with depression, incorporating themes like honesty, self love, and perseverance. Elliot's music confronts pain head on with a confidence and vulnerability that has captivated many. With Elliot.Wavs, Liebman finds his voice, probing further into the realm of Pop and R&B with wide-ranging vocal runs and lush synth textures. Elliot is a longtime collaborator with Austin Chronicle's 2017 Band of the Year, Calliope Musicals. He first joined the group in 2018 for a national tour, and then in the studio for their 2019 release, Color/Sweat, produced by the Grammy-Nominated Chris "Frenchie" Smith. After some personnel changes, he was pressed into service as a synth player, a challenge which thrust him into a new sonic world. One can hear this influence in the colorful, dramatic, sometimes playful palettes he brings to Elliot.Wavs. Elliot has worked as a guitarist with artists such as former The Voice contestant Brett Hunter (Love and Understanding, 2016), and Austin's R&B powerhouse Honey Made, (Do Ya?, Perfect Getaway 2019, and Ashy Pockets 2020). He has also made frequent appearances with Slow Cooked featuring Courtney Santana.

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