Inner Space of Touch

GISELXLFOREZUnique Edition2022
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This fingerprint dances within gold dust; a macrocosm of texture unique to its creator. As an isolated element, it's revealing abstracts of human ideals & symbolism. Prismatic sparks of energy release as new ideas manifest by touch of the artist. Infinite avenues stem from this language of dynamic values. Collectively birthed are planets of knowing; interlaced existences containing worlds within ourselves. Artists express habits of creation; contributing to the collective enriching through self-reflection. This language is directional, radiating out to all who resonate; permeating the subconscious and readily available to deliver nuances of emotion sparked within.” GiselXFlorez

  • #Video (Sound)
  • #Human figure
  • #Close-Up
  • #Abstract Art
  • #Conceptual Art and Contemporary Conceptualism
  • #Technology
  • #Bright and Vivid Colors
  • #Biomorphic
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