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IN SHORT: Digital Artist & Visual Designer, I try to find BEAUTY in things that are IMPERFECT. LIKE ME. ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: I come from Italy and I am 31 years old. I studied Illustration at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, and after I moved to the multicultural and artistic city of Berlin, where I studied German, photography and I took a career-oriented training and coaching course. After that and thanks to my creativity, my attention to details and my ability to illustrate different themes, I had the possibility to work as an illustrator, photographer, model freelancer and at the same time in art galleries and fashion agencies. I realized spontaneously many art exhibitions, both in Italy and in Berlin, and I won several International competitions, that have been published in Italy, Austria, Portugal, United States, Finland, Great Britain and Germany. In 2017 I came back to Italy to study Digital Design & Communication in Vicenza, Italy. Today, after many sacrifices, I deal with digital art and visual design. ARTIST STATEMENT: The perfect geometric figure, the circle, is broken in the representation of my logo. This symbol is my mirror: it reflects myself and my vision of the world and it is always associated with my slogan “I try to find beauty in things that are imperfect. Like me”. I have always felt unsatisfied with today's society's communication. I have felt imperfect for many years in a world that would want me to be too perfect and promotes values of absolute perfection (bodies, thoughts, job career, family…) until, after years and years, I simply learned to accept myself and turn all my inadequacy into a plus. I bring the same poetics into digital art. I began to distort everything I was given by society: everything seems to be too perfect, too schematic, too pre-set, too symmetrical and at the same time so terribly unreal. I simply try to give life to an environment where, thanks to my art, I can feel more comfortable and real. My artworks arise from the same amount of imperfection, from a sort of "digital error": I invert standardized processes that should lead everyone to the same result; I manipulate specific digital operations (more and more times) that always lead me to a different conclusion, if not opposite, to the one that this process would have produced if I hadn't tried to get involved, to interact with it. I don’t settle for the visible world, I don’t want to be passive, I think that nothing is absolute. Breaking the rules of standardized processes I gave birth to my artworks: they are always different from each other, irreversible and unrepeatable.

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