Golden Rain

Iovi Sacra ArtUnique Edition2021

My first Nft for MINT GOLD DUST is “GOLDEN RAIN”: in the real world we see rain as something sad and we can't wait for the sun to come back. In the blockchain, in particular inside MINT GOLD DUST, even the rain is different: made of gold and light, it becomes something precious, as it’s precious for an artist to be part of this community. Golden Rain with its Golden Drops, until they finally explode into billions of particles, both to spread light across the universe and to go back to the origins, where they were born: MINT GOLD DUST. GOLDEN RAIN is an animation made of fast 1000 levels and it’s my invention: I invert standardized process that should lead everyone to the same result; I manipulate specific digital operations (more times) that always lead me to a different conclusion, if not opposite, to the one that this process would have produced if I hadn't tried to get involved, to interact with it. This artwork (and its creation process) is UNIQUE, irreversible and unrepeatable.

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