Occurrence: Species 1 / Proliferation

Joyce KorotkinEdition of 50/52022
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All the works in this series are evolutions in the stages of the story. Each image works on its own, but together and in context they tell a tale that leaves room for the imagination of the viewer to complete. The Occurrence: Part I Out of the blue of an otherwise perfectly ordinary day, it came careening down from the sky, crashing in a spectacular and seemingly endless cloud of shimmering ash that spread throughout the land, sparing nothing. No one could possibly have known what would ensue. When the dust finally settled, it was onto a world that would be forever transformed. Some say it began on the day that The Child first noticed an almost imperceptible difference in the colors on a snake. But it was still the Before Times, and no one yet understood. What All agreed on, in retrospect, is that there is a dark side to seductive beauty that at first remains unseen…

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