ETH Noise of 21 - Variety in Duality

Martin Lukas Ostachowski MLO.artUnique Edition2022
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"ETH Noise of 21" is a generative visualization of the exchange rate of Ethereum in 2021. The data is represented by two emojis charted on a graph, reflecting the changes in its value. The vertical axis charts the USD dollar value ($0-$5000) while the horizontal axis shows the values over the year. The data set tracks monthly averages and daily values, beginning with January and ending in December 2021. More than just a record of value, this timelapse video abstractly explores the overload of information in the crypto space, turning these data points into overwhelming noise. This noise highlights the insecurity for many first-time investors and the relentless pace of the market. "Variety in Duality" is the latest in the artist's series of blockchain-data-based visualizations that began in 2018.

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