Dreamer Handbook 00

QueenearthUnique Edition2022
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While I was driving South from Baltimore to Charlotte, and back, I listened to Overgound Railroad: The Green Book. My wife took a photo of my angel on my dashboard, and she drew a doorway while we hung out with the author. I am drawn to blueprints and roadmaps, how they help others on a journey through past and future. This mashup is a mixed media collage; hand drawing and vintage text and imagery. There are pieces scattered across Tezos. If I were the gan/ai, here are the images in my search to create The Dreamer Handbook. Green Book Baltimore redlining maps Vintage Cadillac Black Nativity Mt. Sinai Plantation Rearview mirror Winding roads Car radio dashboard Black hands Steering wheel Underground railroad Mason Dixon Segregation signs Universe Integration signs Apartheid signs Nazi Germany signs Moon No Vacancy signs Metaverse hotel NFT owner may resell and publicly/privately display the art. Owner may not reproduce, prepare derivatives, or distribute copies.

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