Grief + Black Maternal Mortality + Racial Tension

QueenearthUnique Edition2022
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Sharing the darkest parts of the quarantine, this AI/Gan Art depicts June 2020 - July 2021 and a unique cocktail of events that led to my own unfortunate experience. Art has been the medicine to heal the grief and help me push through during this most difficult era in human history. May we seek to understand the systemic patterns that create these barriers to access and better healthcare for people who live and love in a way that wasn’t written into oaths and textbooks. This art is for the ancestors who carried me through and the wonderful circle of women and spiritual humans that guide my hand and support me. “Instances of pseudocyesis have dropped significantly in the United States over the last century. In the 1940s, cases of false pregnancy occurred in approximately 1 out of every 250 pregnancies. That number has declined to between 1 and 6 cases for every 22,000 births.” - False (Phantom) Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments,

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