Ryota Nomura

Ryota is my stage name. Ryota is the product of two identical twins. Here is a bit about us: (1) We are from Milano, Italy (2) We are 'gaming art' specialists and fanatics (3) We spent many years in 3D visual designing, creating digital worlds for autonomous driving simulations in Silicon Valley! (4) We both are Forbes 100 under 30, Italy. As seasoned 3D modelers/ visual game artist, we decided to embark on a new challenge and use our passion to create ‘gaming art’ using 3D worlds. Gaming is a huge industry and NFT is catching up. We are doing what we love the most: create insanely complicated 3D worlds and try something completely new: make art out of them. Conclusion: we love making “gaming art”, we are really proud of what we have created so far and we can’t wait to let everybody else be part of it.

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