Barton Creek Natural Beauty

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Barton Creek, hear me speak. I will cry, I will stand, I will fail. They came and they saw Did they even notice me at all? I am a wilted rose, I belong. It’s in my nature, we are thy beautiful people. Warrior that I am - I belong Running through your creek Such beautiful land yet such destruction speaks. We come here to rest, We come here to play We come here to sit & ponder all day. We know what you did and yes we choose to forgive O, how nature takes its course We will be here even when you’re done and gone. Thee only way we know, thee only way we wish to know Is to just unconditionally give give and give some more. Natural beauty, you are the one, natural beauty in the winter sun. I seek for you, I yearn for you sitting by me under the Congress Bridge Sipping yummy lemongrass tea speaking sweet nothings to me once again. I feel so lucky, please please always do dream of me. 3D on canvas, wilted roses, bamboo, dried leaves, and other materials created by Mother Nature

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