Dedication to Lady Bird Lake

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I dedicate this to Lady Bird Lake. We come and we go. We flow like a stream. The moment will pass So you might as well dare to dream. Whether we realize it or not. Just breathe. Will you see, seek, and feel this moment? Today’s a gracious new day. Where will you walk? How far? Which rivers will you choose to cross? Will you pass by? Will you never wonder or ask why? I love this Lady Bird, I respect this life. I cherish the water as it glistens with the sun, trickling. Together, our souls we are remembered and we are one. Spoken Word Poet and Voice Over Artist, Saint Kyriaki studied where she would learn the art of cut-out collages, & created 3D story collages depicting nature on canvas where she collected wilted roses, bamboo, dried leaves, & other materials created by Mother Nature. 25% of this NFT sale will be sent to Ukrainian Red Cross

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