The Visceral Glitch

Daniel Kramer is a video glitch artist that incorporates elements of Wabi-Sabi and Gestalt Design Theory into his art. In early 2018, Daniel (an Art Director/Motion Designer) began a daily discipline of deconstructing and animating original photos posting the resulting video on Instagram. Intending to provoke people to think differently about the world around them, the Visceral Glitch was born. An explorer with his iPhone, Daniel continuously shoots images of unusual shapes, colors, and textures—the basis of his art. The videos are created in one session, posted, and never touched again, representing an unfiltered moment in time. The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, inspired Daniel's philosophy for The Visceral Glitch. Art should be raw and messy—the imperfections revealing an unseen beauty. While nature is the basis for Wabi-Sabi, Daniel moves the concept into the digital realm. Daniel also played with the Gestalt design theory of Similarity, which holds that people perceive similar elements as more related than dissimilar elements. Turning the theory on its head, he treats each disparate image with the same process and style, giving them Similarity. As you watch these singularly visceral creations, he hopes that they leave you both uncomfortable and joyous.

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