'Turbo' Robbie Norris is a multifaceted artist from the south side of Chicago. A child of divorce, he grew up in a volatile environment with two warring families; one was a bi-racial LGBT family and the other was a blue collar Catholic family - thus his split personality. In his early 20s, Robbie toured in rock bands on weekends and worked as a journeyman electrician, fixing alarm systems for the poorest of the poor in Chicago's worst neighborhoods. Robbie moved to New York and became an award-winning Writer-Director at the famed MTV On-Air Promos department. His films have screened around world at prestigious film festivals like the Sundance Film Festival. He has directed many A-list celebrities, from Grammy winners to Academy Award winning actors, and two Superbowl campaigns. He's an alum of the Upright Citizens Brigade for comedy improvisation, and currently lives in Los Angeles where he plays piano, takes care of his two young daughters and makes art. His site is robbienorris.com.

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