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The exhibition Machine Dialogues is taking a look at how artists in Web 3 are utilizing artificial Intelligence(AI) to inform their creative process. So many tools have become available to creatives, and we’re seeing a massive period of curiosity and experimentation across the artists community, particularly in Web 3. This show highlights both long-time experienced artists using these tools, as well as artists that only recently picked up the programs in the last few months. Can we look past the cacophony of eye candy that is being produced and get to the crux of how artists are expanding their vision and art practice as a result of using AI? Take a look and decide for yourself. This show has a strata of artists that represent Web 3, so viewers will discover Fine Art, Gaming Artifacts, PFP styled works, Typography, and Metaverse Fashion and Lifestyle, to name a few genres. All of the artists are pushing what the tools can do and have spent countless hours in dialogue with applications such as Wombo, DALLE-2, Deep Dream Generator, and Night Cafe. One artist, Ira Greenberg, has been composing his own code for many years, running his works through multi-tiered processes led by his intuition, the outcome is stunning. As AI permeates all facets of our life, I believe it is imperative that artists engage in the development of the tools. The constant recursive interaction, or Machine Dialogues, may make the difference between artificial intelligence and artificial foolishness. Viewers and collectors are invited to take a deep dive into the artists listed below. Artworks range from .25 Eth to 1 Eth. Thank you, JenJoy Roybal Artists, Curator, Writer, Editor, Co-founder and CEO of Searchlight.Art

"I Data Stream"

I've been thinking about the power of NFT's, and how this technology has the ability to help shape the world for the better. It's very exciting, new, and it keeps changing as people are finding their way around what it all actually means. The seeds of WEB 3 are being sown as we speak, and a lot ...



"I Data Stream"