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MANIFESTO The tension between the old and known, and the new and unknown increases. The third revolution of memetic warfare is unleashing its power into an unstable and unsettled world. Metaphors, narratives, concepts and explanations change as many humans still fail to grasp their inner animal. While some cling to the ideas and ways of the legacy age, the new is still too fresh to fully embrace. The old guard is building tools of survalance and fake dank memetics. Their goal: To cement the legacy structures of power for eternity while the masses continue to blissfully consume their wack ass memes and to forget their intuition, That may or may not happen. It is up to us to put thought to sound, hand to image, voice to story, and build the party that will destroy the legacy system to create new from the ash. Our time is now. Ready or not, Theo´s Gallery is upon us.