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Giovanni De Benedetto is a klecksography artist who created a specific technique employing action painting, photography, and digital manipulation, for which he coined the term Augmented Klecksography Paintings (AKPs) to describe his work. PREMATURE is the project gathering all the AKPs, where the beholders are an active part of the creative process projecting themselves into the artwork and sharing their visions with others. Since 2012, Giovanni exhibited PREMATURE in cities like Venice, Berlin, and Miami Beach, he got several recognitions in the fine art photography field, and he is periodically featured in art magazines.

In 2019 I took part in a 4-months artist residency program in Berlin. When I received the confirmation email of the selection, I was full of joy since I was going to face a brand new experience for me in the art field. Indeed it was my first, and at the moment the last, artistic residency I ... view more

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