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MizzD is a digital and visual artist inspired by the wild and beautiful vibrations of life. She has been oil painting since 2008 and digital painting since 2018. Her strong style and vibrant spirit evolve by combining tradition and technology. For MizzD Art is a portal to happiness and joy. She uses art to boost the mind, body and soul. It is proven that being surrounded by bright alluring colours can influence our way of being and way of life. Colours can nurture our spirit and give us energy. MizzD's wish for us is to enjoy and experience the strong sensations created by colours and forms.

The wonders created by nature serve as reminders of life's marvels. Citrus Variation joins the essence of tropical trees from West Africa with the vibrancy of citrus trees from the Mediterranean. Harmonizing pulsating curves and vibrant colours, this artwork unites two distinct corners of the ... view more

November 19

She is with you always and forever. She is you and you are her. Together you form extraordinary superhero strength, courage, and power. Take time to talk to her. listen to her and trust her. Don't be afraid to ask her for help and know that you can overcome any challenge that comes your way. Know ... view more

November 19

We carry within ourselves special oasis. This oasis is exotic and unique. Like a secret garden - we cultivate, nurture, visit and admire. We spend our lives as adventurous gardeners tending our dreams, helping them grow, admiring their blossoms, recovering them from rainstorms, enjoying our ripened ... view more

November 19

Ballerina Variation is also a reminder that dreams are beautiful and that they also require relentless efforts and dedication. As a ballerina dances she glows. Her beauty, aura, precision and dynamic energies transport us, shape our dreams, and leave us in awe. She is a guide, leading us through ... view more

November 15

This is Mademoiselle Variation, born out of pure love and deep inspiration. She was first painted with oils, then re-created and reborn through my digital paintbrush. Let me tell you about her souls, and her bright spirit and how she came to be… The Renoir exhibit at the Grand Palais will forever ... view more

November 14

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