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ONe Rad Latina is a self taught, Neurodiverse, multi-disciplinary visual artist. Born in New York City and raised in the Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood and in the Dominican Republic to both Dominican and Puerto Rican parents. ​Her works range from unsanctioned public art made from found and repurposed materials in order to bring beauty back into the community, couture hand painted and dressed mannequins on display at The Dylan hotel in midtown Manhattan to working with the New York Public Library for their NYPL Murals project, a residency at the Van Gogh Immersive experience in New York city and painting plywood murals in NYC's trendy SOHO district. ONe works with different mediums and prides herself on her prolific line of artistic works and not being tied down to one specific visual artist's craft. Now working her artistic medium in web3 she is merging traditional techniques with new technology to create representations of Women and People of Color in visual art.

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