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Geometric abstraction, minimalism and the use of technology are constants in my visual narrative. My paper paintings combine traditional with modern arts and crafts processes such as weaving, hand-cutting and laser-cutting, and embrace technology to varying degrees. I experiment with digital and generative art such as algorithm-based visualizations through different technologies, in which the blockchain plays a significant role. My main art subject, as well as “medium,” are clouds. Their continuous transformation in the sky has been fascinating to me as a traveller for a long time. Since I was four, I have always been captivated by clouds, be it as a frequent flyer for work or when travelling for personal reasons. I started observing, photographing and recording cloud formations, specifically through the window of an airplane. Their aesthetics, combined with their deep symbolism throughout cultures and time, is a constant source of inspiration I explore through a wide range of physical and digital mediums. My current body of work explores the architecture of blockchain technology, which first occurred to me as a game-changer for limiting digital art distribution. Through the subject of clouds, I explore this topic as a contemporary symbol of data storage and connectivity, representing transformation and hope for fair global distribution of opportunity and wealth. Through data visualizations, animations and digital and physical pieces, I aim to make this complex technology accessible to spark discussions on the blockchain’s profound transformative potential for society. In my art, clouds and technology are inseparable. They exist together in a sustainable ecosystem where sometimes playing as the subject, sometimes as the “medium.” Interchangeable, they live in a specular complementary balance, where these new “digital clouds” represent my biggest passions, in addition to my life and my identity.

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