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Chazz Gold: A Multifaceted Artist and NFT Curator Introduction I am Chazz Gold, a multifaceted artist whose creative journey spans diverse realms. From photography and DJing to addiction counseling and the fascinating world of AI-generated art, I thrive on exploration and expression. But beyond creating, I also curate\ My art is a fusion of futuristic tech, cybernetic aesthetics, sacred geometry, mysticism, and spirituality. Each piece represents a unique perspective on the world, channeling energy into tangible manifestations. But it doesn’t stop there—I believe in pushing boundaries and redefining artistic norms. Photography and Artificial Intelligence (AI) form my dynamic duo. Rather than viewing AI as a separate entity, I seamlessly integrate it into my multimedia artworks. The Filigree & Shadows collection stands as a milestone—a testament to the harmonious blend of human creativity and machine intelligence. But this collection is merely the beginning. NFT Curatorship: A Paradigm Shift As an avid collector, I thrive on blockchain-agnostic platforms across various chains. But my role extends beyond collecting. I curate NFTs—those unique digital tokens that represent ownership of digital art. Through curation, I contribute to a paradigm shift in art appreciation and collection. NFTs democratize access, empower artists, and redefine the traditional art market. Continued Expanding Creative Horizons Beyond the canvas, my creative horizons continue to expand. I envision a future where 3D-rendered dynamic NFTs come alive, where AR-activated museum-quality prints transport viewers into alternate dimensions. A graphic novel for the Filigree & Shadows saga awaits, weaving together visual storytelling and blockchain technology. And let’s not forget the 3D printed dioramic sculptures—miniature worlds waiting to be explored. The Fusion of Artistry and Partnership Collaborating with fellow artists, I delve into the realm of one-of-one pieces and  limited editions—a bridge between individuality and accessibility.. These unique creations existing as exclusive expressions of our shared vision. Each stroke, pixel, or sound wave carries the essence of our combined energies. Together, we weave narratives that resonate with collectors and enthusiasts alike. where ideas collide and evolve. Whether it’s a series of digital paintings or one audiovisual compositions, limited editions allow us to share our collective magic with a broader audience. These innovations redefine the art experience, propelling my work into uncharted territories. As a curator, artist, and explorer, I invite others to join me on this thrilling journey—one where pixels meet passion, and where NFTs become the canvas of tomorrow. You can find my work at my link tree in there you'll find out, just links to my work for sale, but also to my spatial galleries which I have created over the last three years of art that I've collected

AR Interactive Art: “Echt Cyborg” Step into the augmented reality realm and witness the mesmerizing “Echt Cyborg.” With the Artivive app, this interactive masterpiece merges humans and machines. Simply download the archive app and point the camera at the screen to AR interactive component of this ... view more

February 28

13 years ago in San Francisco, I woke up from a coma after experiencing a TBI. A traumatic brain injury. The Story 13 years on 1/21/2009 in San Francisco I died. For three and a half minutes from a traumatic brain injury. At least that is what they tell me. On the way to the hospital, I ... view more

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