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Liza Fishbone is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Austin, TX. She is known for her psychedelic artwork that blends nature and trompe l’oeil illusions with characters and explosions of colors. She uses the world around her as a canvas, transforming overlooked spaces through the use of acrylic and spray paint, chalk, and installation. Growing up in St. Louis, surrounded by painters, musicians, and storytellers, taught her the importance of public art and introduced her to a world of thinking big. From a young age, she learned to paint by climbing the scaffolding alongside her parents as they created murals. Since 2015, she has teamed up with her dad as part of On The Wall Productions, her family’s mural company founded in 1976, to restore decades-old murals and make new ones. She is a member of CHALK R!OT, an all-female pavement art crew dedicated to creating accessible art on streets worldwide. Liza is also the creator of Sneaky Planet Studios, an interactive production and world-building studio focused on creating immersive experiences that delight, disorient, and transport you to other worlds.

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