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Born in Madrid in 1967 and now residing in Cadiz, Nacho Frades is a distinguished digital artist known for seamlessly blending traditional techniques with modern digital innovations. His works, characterized by their intricate details and emotional depth, resonate with authenticity. With a style that infuses life into ordinary subjects, Nacho's artistry is evident in every piece, be it on canvas or a digital platform. His foray into Cryptoart showcases his adaptability and forward-thinking approach. Amidst the evolving digital age, Nacho's artworks stand as a testament to the timeless beauty of everyday life and the transformative power of art.

Elevator room, is a true memory, I lived long time ago in a building, and I always wanted to know what was in the last floor, so I went up and discovered the door was broken, I entered and saw the machines. I spent long hours there smoking and in peace. The technique of the work is very calmed and ... view more

November 3

The "Trattoria" is empty, but there is a light turned on, perhaps the owner is in the basement. "Trattoria" is a work about light, it depicts an empty space where the only subject is light. The elements in the scene are super carefully placed to reinforce the nature of the light. It´s also a work ... view more

October 24

This work is very special to me, it´s a "Yellow" work, and it means hope, happiness, sun, and color, despite I am wandering for an unknown city, I am happy. I am gonna sleep here tonight.

October 13

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