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We begin in dreams to see a character written in gold futures. Far away. Searching... for 金山 (goldMountain). Always moving. Changing shape. Distant. Travel all the way around the world, cross the horizon to a new place of prosperity, so far West that we arrive in the East. In the 1800s the phrase 金山 ... view more

March 17

Francisco López inn the Spring of 1842, you dreamt under an oak tree inn the afternoon, Californian sun, the mineralogist, López, dreams a river of gold. López awoke under The Oak of the Golden Dream, dug up wild onions && made the 'discovery' of gold, clinging to their roots, now Placerita Canyon, ... view more

December 13

Drawings and paintings of hands are some of the earliest known Art. ~45,500 years ago artists created figurative and narrative Art in Southeast Asia, the place now known as Indonesia, in Leang Tedongnge cave, on the island of Sulawesi. This ancient Art includes paintings of peoples’ own hands as a ... view more

November 20

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