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Acid Boy is Pat Cantin’s alter ego, a full time visual artist based in Montréal Canada, since 2002. Acid Boy’s aesthetic is characterized by deep illusions created through shapes and patterns. He also plays with bright and flashy colours which can be very disturbing for some viewers. Although his work is fully digital, it feels organic and real. His pieces have slow, hypnotic, even meditative movements.

In the cosmic dance of night, Specks of color, bold and bright, Scatter across the darkened stage, Each a star, from far-off age. In silence swirls the speckled band, A universe within a grain of sand, Painted hues of life’s array, In this boundless ballet. No sound to hear, no voice to ... view more

December 13

In a vast expanse so deep and wide, Where stars twinkle, and worlds reside, A neon ring, vibrant and bright, Floats through the night, a glowing light. Upon the grid where futures are cast, Shadows of memories from futures past, Echoes of dreams and tales untold, In this cosmic dance, both young ... view more

October 13

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