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Dark0’s is multidisciplinary artist and his work resolves around chaos and its exploration trough the transition between order and disorder, creating never ending harmony, escaping linear thinking. He has produced work that vary from stage design, light art shows, scenography, to prints, paintings, animations and multimedia art forms. He is deeply involved in decentralisation of social systems and how the technology can improve societies and decrease corruption, being active in the Balkan area and recently expanding those ideas more broader. His recent work is deeply inspired by death and the skull as its main element as seen trough different cultures developing after being faced with it trough his life in various situations. Dark0 has been professional illustrator/artist for the past two decades with a large field of created works behind him. Usually his art is represented trough various techniques, mostly working with digital painting, abstract geometry and glitch art.

We all experience death in our lives, wether it is close person, or someone, something that we've had interaction, or maybe someone that we've shared mutual ideas and views in the world. As someone that has experienced war firsthand and how it changed my life, death was always something that ... view more

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