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In April 2019, I began creating NFT art as a "Crypto Artist" on the iOS application "Editional," becoming the first Japanese person to do so. I had no prior experience in creating visual art and started my career entirely self-taught. My works, which combine the philosophy of blockchain and Japanese culture from a unique perspective, were recognized and officially certified as an artist on major overseas marketplaces such as SuperRare, KnownOrigin, and MakersPlace. The number of my own NFT art pieces sold so far exceeds 2,000, with a total transaction volume, including secondary sales, surpassing 300 ETH.

In the spirit of mera's artistic vision, this work could be described as follows: This artwork is a vibrant homage to the samurai's enduring spirit, reimagined through the pixelated lens of the blockchain era. The intricate patterns and motifs draw inspiration from the Ukiyo-e art style, where ... view more

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