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Born 1955 in Italy. In 1993 with 5 other artists he founded the Cracking Art.The material of choice is plastic, which also becomes a vehicle for ecological and social commitment. With the installation Sos World, 1500 golden plastic turtles, he participates with the group at the 49th Venice Biennale, where he will return in 2011 and 2013. The collective art dimension also characterizes other Nucara projects: Time Machine and Arbre Magique. His latest personal works make use of plexiglass and LED light. Is very active on CryptoArt. His works are on Superrare and Makersplace too

This project comes out Emil Borel’s statement (the Infinite Monkey theorem “if an army of monkeys hits keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for long enough, it would sooner or later produce all of the books in the British Museum:”) and from the biological definition of the term “evolution” ... view more

November 21

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