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SphericalArt, aka Paul Petersen, is a geometric artist and poet who finds and creates his images inside of 3D polyhedral spheres. He looks for unique arrangements of polygons that hint at an emerging story. He overlays meaning onto the inherent beauty of polyhedral patterns. He also curates as the host of the weekly show, DISCOVERING NFT ARTISTS on the Tokensmart Discord server. He studied painting at UCLA with William Brice, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He did post graduate study at the Art Center College of Design. He’s had careers as an advertising art director, watercolorist, and medical illustrator. His technical proficiency in computer graphics has put him in a position to explore this new area of geometric image creation. He’s been working on this process since 2015 and has been creating NFTs since February, 2020. NFTs have freed him from converting his images into physical prints, and connected him with collectors who prefer digital artwork. He coordinated with Saatchi Art’s Other Art Fair in 2018 to exhibit his work in Brooklyn, N.Y., and currently has an exhibit of his work in the Headspace Gallery in the Voxels metaverse, at 5 Leda.

A vortex of pyramids flashing colors on their sides.

November 15

The color shifts make the sharp points a little more friendly.

October 18

The sharp points seem a little more friendly when flushed with color.

October 17

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