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Mila Sketch is a multimedia visual artist. She is recognized internationally and calling Austin, TX, her home. Mila is known for her detailed and intricate large-scale murals, elaborate and meaningful fine art paintings, and digital art. Her artworks can be found in Austin International Airport, Downtown Dallas, TX, West Chelsea NYC, Dubai, UAE, and worldwide. The often-graphic themes in Mila Sketch's works have the artist's fascination with urban and the relationship between nature, technology, and the modern cityscape. Her detailed artworks, frequently in contrasting colors, are equally impressive whether Mila creates a fine art drawing, a large-scale mural, digital design, or augmented reality, animation. Mila works in graphic ("City Heart" painting), decorative ("NOLA" mural at Holiday Inn Club Vacations New Orleans Resort), pointillism (The Whale Drawings Collection), and steampunk styles ( "Four Elements." AR equipped paintings, the UNESCO Media Arts Exhibition at SXSW 2019). In March 2020, Mila's painting "Star Compass" was honored and exhibited at Zee Arts Gallery International Female Art Show in Dubai, UAE. Later this month, her "Bags" paintings took part in the Objects international exhibition in CICA Museum, South Korea. Mila's painting "Ammonite" was acquired by the Crocker Museum of Contemporary Art in 2021. Mila's artistic philosophy is based on connecting historical events to the present through an array of intricate symbols that appeal to a viewer of any cultural background. In her work, she parallels a history of humanity - myths, religions, traditions, and modern civilization. Her current mural project, "To Learn & to Remember," in the Municipal Austin Courthouse, is a beautiful example. The West Chelsea Contemporary Art Gallery represents Mila Sketch in New York and Texas.

As an artist, I often use my work to showcase the contrast between urban and nature. However, while creating this artwork, I was struck by a childhood memory that brought me comfort and joy during tough times. It was the image of a yellow duck in my warm bath during the dark and cold winter nights. ... view more

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