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Kezia (BFA), aka KEZIAI, is an experienced & experimental artist bringing 25 years of experience as a film director & photographer to the evolving world of AI. Surreal & metaphorical her work bends reality, & transcends the limitations of chronic illness, pushing creative boundaries from bed. KEZIAI’s artwork has been: curated by Claire Silver for ‘HOMAGE to Brancusi’ exhibited in Romania & at Lume Studios NYC, curated by Superchief in ‘A Show of Hands’ at Crypto Art Seoul, selected by Obscura Dao for ‘Uncanny Valley’ shown during Rome Art Week & exhibited at The Black Box NFT art festival at the Lower Draw Gallery during NFTNYC. Her work was featured in ‘ZEITGEIST’ curated by BLAC, ‘AIMAGINEZ’ curated by Farrah Carbonell, ‘Real Thoughts’ in Rome at Mecenate Fine Art Gallery, curated by DVK, shown in Bali, Bangkok and at NFT Aotearoa. KEZIAI was featured in Stable Digest #15 & selected as one of 5xA2 artists curated by Accelerate Art, shown at Met AMS. Recently selected as one of 19 HUG artists from the Innovation Laboratory whose dynamic art has been curated by TransientLabs for exhibition at the Canvas Global Gallery in NYC's Oculus.

"Reaching You" offers a haunting surreal AI tableau. A cluster of uncanny 1950s-esque women, extend their elongated arms towards each other. Each figure overreaching to connect, their limbs reaching out with an eerie, distorted grace, hinting at an otherworldly yearning for connection and ... view more

April 3

A surreal metaphor for personal and collective pain, a metaphysical reflection on the nature of existence, anguish and compassion. The figure's pastel blouse and dark skirt grounds her in normalcy, juxtaposed with a fiery glow of pain and dissolution: an everyday burden. Her closed eyes and downward ... view more

December 1

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